The TRC Diamond Logo is your assurance the container holds a Superior Quality Product... a product that has undergone extensive research and development, stringent production quality control testing, field trial and industry accepted laboratory performance testing. Texas Refinery products incorporate the latest technological advances to provide the highest quality, longest lasting lubricants and protective coatings available anywhere on the market, world-wide. TRC products carry the test data to prove extraordinary quality at the best possible value.

  • Extremely highly refined base stocks, semi-synthetic, and 100% synthetic base stocks ensure extended drain intervals and extended lubricant life.
  • Distinctive and proprietary additive chemistry, utilized in the greatest concentrations possible, protect your valuable equipment investment.
  • TRAAP . . . The most comprehensive FREE oil analysis testing program in the industry, available to document the performance of TRC lubricant products.
  • Money saving, full line of protective coatings, property maintenance and industrial cleaners carry the strongest warranty in the industry, backed by a company with over 64 years experience.
  • Generous credit payment terms and prompt delivery from strategically located factories and warehouses across Canada ensure full service customer support.